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The Landscapes Designs Of Doyle Herman Design Associates

di K.Herman J.Doyle

- A beautifully illustrated compendium of show-stopping gardens ranging from highly structured Tudor-style plantings and French Normandy-inspired meadows to more modern gardens and contemporary perspectives

- Doyle Herman Design Associates is an award-winning landscape design firm whose work has been featured in a number of respected publications such as HOME, Wallpaper*, Gardens Illustrated, Landscape, ELLE Décor and idfx, among many others. Based in Connecticut, the firm's work can also be found in various locations across the USA

Doyle Herman Design Associates is an award-winning US-based landscape design firm with an extensive portfolio of extraordinary landscapes at home and abroad. The firm seeks inspiration from the past and is often guided by aspects of traditional design, but also creates stunning gardens with a more modern aesthetic.

The landscapes featured in The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman Design Associates vary in style, size and location, but the foundation of each landscape is characterised by a strong geometry, bold structural forms and clean symmetry. Each project begins with a holistic evaluation of the intrinsic qualities of the environment and its human context. This stylistic philosophy generates cohesive designs that celebrate craftsmanship, geometry and colour, providing a seamless correlation between structure and setting that is captured beautifully in the lush photography of this visually engaging book.


* > Foreword by Mark Ferguson

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