copertina di Spain Mon Amour


Spain Mon Amour


The exhibition ‘Spain mon Amour’, presented at the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture, reviewed recent Spanish architecture through fifteen publicly funded works realized by five offices: Francisco Mangado, Mansilla+Tuñón, Nieto Sobejano, Paredes Pedrosa and RCR. This expanded catalogue of the presentation, edited by its curator, Luis Fernández-Galiano, offers a more detailed examination of the individual projects, each depicted by one of five notable photographers. It both celebrates the architectural quality emerging in Spain and offers a platform for the concerns and hopes of a profession in crisis, extending an invitation to think of the future in a different way.

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Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 24x30
Pagine: 160
Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9788461631223