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Black Dog Publishing

Trevor Dannatt: Works And Words

di Roger Stonehouse

In Trevor Dannatt: works and words, Professor Roger Stonehouse examines the full breadth of Dannatta's architecture, ranging from the domestic and academic, such as the combination room for Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge; to social buildings, such as the Victoria Gate at Kew; to international projects, such as the British Embassy buildings and King Feisal Conference Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Trevor Dannatt, Royal Academician and former Professor of Architecture at the University of Manchester, was part of the wave of architects who qualified soon after the Second World War. Known both for his practical building work and his involvement, alongside contemporary and friend Colin St John Wilson, in the debate around the language of Modernism and the development of a'humanista? architecture, Dannatt began his career under Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew, leaving in 1948 to join the Festival Hall Group under Leslie Martin and former tutor Peter Moro.Illustrated by superb photographs and reproductions of original drawings, Trevor Dannatt: words and works will appeal to everyone interested in the order and elegance of Dannatta's architecture, as well as his underlying philosophy.

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