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Make It Fabulous: The Architecture And Designs Of William T. Georgis

di William T. Georgis

Sumptuous and scrupulous in equal measure, the work of William T. Georgis is a glamorous blend of high-style architecture and expressive, innovative applications of the traditions of the decorative arts. In the twenty years since he founded his namesake firm, Georgis has created a dazzling portfolio consisting primarily of houses and apartments; other projects include restaurants, commercial interiors, and galleries. Georgis melds elegant architecture, imaginative furniture and fixtures (often custom-designed), and a layered assembly of art and objects with what he terms 'a bit of magic.' A thoughtful eclecticism, informed by an extensive knowledge of art, architecture, and the decorative arts, characterizes all his work. The first monograph on Georgis, Make It Fabulouspresents sixteen houses and apartments in New York City, Long Island, Florida, Montana, and California. All the residences were designed around important art collections and often include specially commisioned pieces. Among the projects showcased are Georgis's own homes, a smoked-glass townhouse in New York and a vacation house that hangs over the bay in La Jolla, California. Also included in the volume are Chinatown Brasserie, a theatrical eatery in lower Manhattan, and the interiors of historic Lever House, a respectful restoration of a modern masterpiece. Along with lavish, large-scale photography, each project features the architect's trenchant commentary on the architecture, the decoration, and the process. Perceptive essays by design historians Donald Albrecht and Natalie Shivers illuminate Georgis's relationships with his clients, or 'patrons,' and the creation of narratives in his work. Multifaceted and multilayered, just like the work, this inventive volume is a virtuoso tutorial in the world of fabulous.



* > Introduction by Donald Albrecht > Commentaries by Natalie Shivers

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