copertina di Cidade De Deus! - City of God!

Ruby Press

Cidade De Deus! City Of God!: Working With In Formalized Mass Housing In Brazil


Rio de Janeiro serves as the inspiration and case study for this publication, a widely relevant study of the appropriation and customization of standardized mass housing over time. The city’s once notorious favelas, which grew out of a government housing programme, are today safe and vibrant neighbourhoods, not to mention a viable counter-model to gated condominiums. This research-based design study from the ETH Zurich unpacks the implications of the hybrid environment of Cidade de Deus as it exists today. What results is a model for improving mass housing programmes using the ingenuity of informal practices – a model that is also globally applicable.

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Formato: 20x27
Pagine: 360
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9783944074023