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Designing Environments For Fashion Stores

di Arcabi Associates

In 1998, architects Aldo Cappa Marchello, Elisabetta Grassi and Ilaria Sassolini decided to establish the Arcabi Asociates Studio. The three partners merged their professional experiences with the purpose to create a modern architectural office that could compete in an international market with very high planning and construction standards. A few years later, Antonio Frecentese, a lawyer with extensive managerial experience wigh some of the most famous Italian fashion brands joined the team. Thus, the Arcabi Associates Studio had finally become a modern firm, capable of meeting the increasingly complex needs of the global market.
Each of their projects is characterized by constant research and by a great attention to detail. In the needs of a market that is rapidly developing, and to the continuous evolution of social environments.
Moreaover, a solid and well-established team of professionals - architects, engineers, designers and graphic designers - have been working for years with Arcabi Associates for the Studio's different activities. The accurate research and innovation behind every project is supported by leading companies in the field of material supply and technological solutions, and by marketing and cool hunting consultanst, who are experts at identifiying the different market trends.

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