copertina di Teodoro Gonzalez De Leon

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Teodoro Gonzalez De Leon: Obra Completa Complete Works

di Miquel Adria

The story of Mexican architecture in the second half of the twentieth century cannot be told without the work of Teodoro González de León. His museums, civic buildings, office complexes, and banks have contributed to defining the urban texture of a large part of Mexico: the product of a conception of monumentality in which modernity and timelessness seem to coexist. Architect, urbanist, painter, and sculptor, González de León is also a tireless promoter of architecture understood as a cultural phenomenon.

The publication of his complete works makes it possible for the first time to take in at a glance more than fifty years of militant commitment to the disciple. Along with essays by William J. R. Curtis and Miquel Adrià, some of the architect’s own occasional writings have been inserted into the book, demonstrating the dynamism of a constant dialectic between work and reflection.

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Anno: 2004
ISBN: 9789685208246