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Naga: The Master Architect Series

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- Explores the outstanding body of work by NAGA architects - where talented design teams come from diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds to create truly impressive architecture
- NAGA seizes on the challenges unique to each project, showing refinement in innovative concepts, articulated details and multilayered expertise. The firm is known for the integrity of its designs and sensibility to the relationship between architectural form and context

    NAGA is a Boston and Dubai-based architecture and design firm, dedicated to contemporary design through a digital manufacturing process. The firm's work spans more than a decade with a range of projects of many scales, mostly in the Middle East. This monograph examines NAGA's practice as it expands beyond the firm's admired houses to include commercial buildings and urban developments.

    The book features stunning photographs of NAGA's most significant and award-winning projects designed and built by the firm since its inception - supplemented by sketches, plans, elevations and detail drawings that illustrate the evolution and process of each design.

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