copertina di Piet Boon Styling

Lannoo Publishers

Piet Boon Styling

di Karin Meyn

- The long awaited styling book by Karin Meyn, Piet Boon's Wife and creative director at Piet Boon®

- Includes practical checklists and unique tips and tricks to decorate and style the different rooms of a house and beyond: living room, bedroom, kitchen, office...

- A practical manual for those who want to give their own touch to an interior

- A large, wonderfully finished, and luxurious book

- Both inspirational and practical, the book is the first to reveal the secrets of Piet Boon® Styling

This lavishly illustrated book is a source of inspiration for all adepts of the recognisable Piet Boon® style. In this, her first book, Karin gives her definition of styling and shares her tips and tricks, gathered over the past 25 years as creative director of the company. With her unique talent to combine materials, colour, furniture and carefully selected objects, art and interior accessories, she has been instrumental in defining the Piet Boon® style.

The many beautiful photographs in this 200 page book clearly show the allure of her style and explain how she works. The clear checklists per room are basics which work equally well for large and small spaces.


* > Karin Meyn has been a creative director for Piet Boon® for the past 25 years. This multifunctional design studio has become a renowned international luxury brand with a versatile portfolio. With her special gift to combine different forms and colours and her passion for art, beautiful fabrics and other materials, she is the brain behind the atmosphere and the relaxed, stylish allure of the brand. Together with her team, she constantly tries to find those specific objects that enrich her many projects. She has also developed her own accessory line.

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Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9789089895455