2G N.22: Ábalos&Herreros

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2G N.22: Ábalos&Herreros

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As a consequence of their teaching, editorial, research, public and design activities Iñaki Ábalos and Juan Herreros have created their own identity as architects committed to the contemporary world and antagonistic towards all professional mysticism. Their interests are basically centered on contemporary programs, the relationship between technics and nature, the rapport between the natural and the artificial, their collaboration with visual artists, and the techniques and mixed programs which they themselves have called 'a new naturalism.' Their oeuvre delves into regions which turn out, on occasion, to be marginal to the professional world of the architect (rubbish tips, artificial beaches, etc.) and has a kinship with American pragmatism and figures from the former School of Madrid such as Alejandro de la Sota. An investigation into building techniques based on the products available in catalogues along with a concern for the urban situation, without ever falling into contextualism, are two of the main features of such built works as the Usera Library, the Valdemingómez Recycling Plant and their studio for Luis Gordillo, all in Madrid, the Environmental Education Center in Arico (Tenerife) and their office building for the University of Extremadura.

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Anno: 2002

ISBN: 9788425219207