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Concept And Design: Konzept Und Entwurf

di András Pálffy
a cura di Pálffy Editions

Throughout the history of our discipline, the plurality of architectural concepts and practices has seldom been as manifested as it is today. What may appear, from an external, culturally pessimistic perspective, as a lack of orientation, is in reality the driving force and the centre of architectural action.

Today, instead of monomaniacal programs, cradling in the security of clarity and fixed goals, it is a recognition of the necessity of consolidating the diversity of potential positions into stringent architectural action that dominates. Conflicts are imminent to the dynamic processes which come to bear here, even when the different positions, at selected instances, must combine to form a totality.

At the same time, these contradictions must not result in a disordered arbitrariness. Instead, they must remain visible and comprehensible, generating concrete perspectives and requirements. This ambition coins the teaching of András Pálffy who is the professor for architecture at Vienna University of Technology. It is his method of teaching which is presented in this book through the use of numerous photos, maps and texts.

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Anno: 2012
ISBN: 9783721207637