copertina di Building and Renovating With Reclaimed Materials

Beta Plus Publishing

Building And Renovating With Reclaimed Materials

di Wim Pauwels

- New insights and new reports on the use of reclaimed materials in today's architecture and interior design

- Over 200 photographs of the stunning interiors that have been created from these materials

The beauty of using antique building materials is the immediate effects that they have on interiors; they provide timeless and inimitable style to new as well as renovated homes. Reclaimed wooden floors, old terracotta tiles, traditional Burgundy slabs, old roof tiling, antique fireplaces... all of these items slide perfectly into both contemporary and classic surroundings. This title showcases the best examples of the partnership between the old and the new, through stunning and inspirational photographs.



* > Wim Pauwels, founder and managing director of Beta-Plus Publishing, has been publishing high-quality books on architecture, interior design and gardens since 1996.

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Lingua: GB-F-NL
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9789089441447