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Massive Attack: Io A Silver Lecture Series — Selected Friends And Enemies

a cura di K.Balliet A.Graupner W.D.Prix

- New Volume of the IoA Publication Series

- High profiled contributors like Zaha Hadid, Hans Hollein and many others

- Comprehensive reader to most recent architectural theory and practice

Massive Attack is an assembled and edited critical mass of lectures extracted from the IOA Sliver Series entitled, selected Friends and Enemies.  The lecturers include 24 leading architects, designers, critics, curators, and artists performing within the realm of the non-standard, at the extremities of their respective fields and viewpoints. The resulting spectrum of work ranges from innovative buildings, detailed aliens, bloated sculptures, scripted worlds, and atmospheric islands. The goal of the publication is tri-fold; to critically archive the series, frame insights to Vienna and the Institute of Architecture, and cross-pollinate ideas by looking at the series as a whole.  The publication oscillates between deep critical input and superficial glances, appealing to a broad user base.


* > Wolf D. Prix co-founded COOP  HIMMELB(L)AU in 1968. He studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, the Architectural Association in London, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. After various international teaching assignments he became professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 1993 where he served as Vice-Rector, Head of Studio Prix until October 2011. He still remains Dean of the Institute for Architecture. Professor Prix received numerous decorations for his work as an Architect and Theacher

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