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Werner Schmidt Architect: Ecology Craft Invention / Ökologisch Bauen

di Andrea Bocco Guarnieri

Werner Schmidt (1953) is one of the most interesting contemporary Swiss architects. Once graduated at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna he moved to Grisons, where he established his professional practice. After completing some inspired, non-conventional works, in the 2000s he gained international reputation for a number of convincing buildings in Switzerland, Germany, and South Tyrol, mostly using straw bales. This diverse and lively book is the result of a thorough, evidence-based and holistic analysis. It presents selected projects, providing information about them, each time focussing on a different aspect, so to cover the main issues which underlie Schmidt s work, such as creative process based on interaction with clients, reduction of ecological impact, alternative building techniques based on natural materials, tendency to autonomy, high quality of life inside the building.


* > Andrea Bocco Guarnieri. MA, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Architectural Technology at Politecnico di Torino. He has performed research on Bernard Rudofsky (Bernard Rudofsky. A Humane Designer, Springer Verlag, 2003); ontology for terminological computational resources; analysis of technological design and building detail in contemporary architecture (Antonio Besso-Marcheis. An architectural mode, Abitare Segesta, 2005); Alpine architecture and material culture (Flessibile come di pietra. Tattiche di sopravvivenza e pratiche di costruzione nei villaggi montani, CELID, 2008, with Gianfranco Cavaglià); urban regeneration, participatory design and social housing. His current research fields are the sustainability of the traditional built environment, namely in Alpine regions; and appropriate technologies, stemming from a holistic approach to life. He has also been the founder and director of San Salvario Neighbourhood Development Agency.

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