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Lieven Musschoot: Restaurant Designs

di Lieven Musschoot

Belgian designer Lieven Musschoot has a very pragmatic approach to interior design. Musschoot doesn't impose his character and style on his designs - the designer's ego is of very little to no importance - but attentively listens to the wishes and demands of his clients. Only afterwards he puts all things together in a detailed and thoroughly thought out plan. Musschoot designs total concepts, not only does he give spaces their appearance and function, he also designs the furniture, the wall coverings, etc- up to the smallest details that can make or break a space, such as napkins and cutlery.

That graduating 'cum laude' doesn't automatically equal a full order book, became painfully evident when Lieven Musschoot had to work in bars and restaurants to simply earn a living. Coincidentally, or maybe just because of his experience in this specific business, restaurant design would later become his trademark and the sort of design work he is most solicited for. Trendy bars, caterers, hip and young diners and several Michelin star restaurants have been conceptualized by Lieven Musschoot. Lieven Musschoot: Restaurant Designs is a first comprehensive overview of Musschoot's restaurant designs.


* > Photography : Koen Van Damme, Mathias Hennebel

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