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With the building of the cantonal school in Nyon 1988 Vincent Mangeat over the Swiss border known. Influenced by internships in Paris, studied with Jean Prouvé and as assistant to Hans Brechbühler and Pierre Foretay at the EPF Lausanne gives the work Mangeats between two architectural eras, that of Ticino 'Tendenza' of the 70s and that of the 90's with their exponents in the German Switzerland. Always, however, remains his work independently and as rooted in western Switzerland. From his first house in Evolène (1969) to current projects, including a 'House of Writers' at the foot of the Jura today there is a rich architectural work that is in the life and work of the architect was almost identical with its permanent and valuable teaching.


* > Contributions by Jean-Marc Lamunière, Vincent Mangeat

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