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Thames & Hudson

The Living, Breathing, Thinking, Responsive: Buildings Of The Future

di R. El Khoury C.Marcopoulos

The fact that objects can now sense, think, act and communicate with the help of technology is opening up the potential for an architecture aligned with the dynamics of living systems – a sentient architecture.

The Living, Breathing, Thinking, Responsive Buildings of the Future documents the role of architecture in shaping this new reality in research launched and guided by the authors at The University of Toronto, MIT and the University of Hong Kong.

The research proposes that every building, city and landscape component can be – and will be – equipped with communication and computing capacities. The aim is to develop from collaborative experiments a digitally enhanced architecture that is well-equipped to handle challenges in building a healthy and sustainable environment.

The projects establish a platform involving artists, designers, scientists and engineers spanning different institutions and continents in a technological approach to spatial problems that is attuned to the dynamics of living systems.

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Formato: 18,3x23,5
Pagine: 296
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2012
ISBN: 9780500290590