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Smog Studio: Loft P: Tracing The Architecture Of The Loft

di P J.Dahl C.Dahl

- Spectacular architecture for living in a loft
- Extrapolates the architectural significance of the loft
- Given example by detailed documentation of a loft in Malmö

    Loft P is a full scale experiment in architecture theory and practice. Located in Malmö, Sweden, the project interconnects the production of architectural theory and the construction of physical space. Loft P demonstrates a contemporary mode of architectural practice, where the design and fabrication of architecture is managed and supervised through tactical maneuvers and new media. The outcome of the project can be described as a materialized response to the call for new dwelling typologies, adaptable to the flexibility and interconnectivity of emergent urban life styles.


    * > Per-Johan Dahl and Caroline Dahl are the co-founders of smog studio. smog studio is a research oriented design practice committed to mediate the intersections and overlaps between architecture and urbanism. Drawing from the instant interaction between these two disciplines, the firm responds to the fluctuating and advancing social, cultural, geopolitical, and technological conditions of contemporary life. Per-Johan Dahl was educated at Lund Institute of Technology (Master of Architecture), University of Texas at Arlington (Architecture), and Blekinge Institute of Technology (Engineering). He attended the Doctoral program at UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design in 2007 and advanced to PhD Candidacy in 2009. He has extensive experience from architectural practice with responsibilities in design, construction, and management. As an acclaimed professional he has been appointed several board member positions both in Sweden and internationally. He is a close collaborator with RIEA and cityLAB. In concurrence with responsibilities for the design and construction of several projects at smog studio, he has been engaged as a teacher at UCLA, LTH-A, OTIS, and Woodbury University. Caroline Dahl was educated at Blekinge Institute of Technology (Master of Spatial Planning), and SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture (Master of Architecture). She has worked for various public entities such as the City of Helsingborg and the City of Landskrona with responsibilities for comprehensive planning, urban renewal, and urban design. She was commissioned by the County Administrative Board in Skåne to promote local and regional initiatives for sustainable urban development. In concurrence with responsibilities for several ongoing design research projects at smog studio, she is also the manager of the research programme FUSE at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Department of Landscape Architecture.

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