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JÖrg Friedrich Pfp Architekten: Works

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Over the past 25 years, Jörg Friedrich and his prominent Hamburg architecture firm pfp-architekten have planned and implemented a wide range of public and private architectural projects intended for a variety of purposes. pfp-architekten endeavour to minimise the architectonic object in the context of the urban fabric. They are interested in transforming architecture and the city to create a relaxed future, consistently deploying the ideals of classical modernism. Their constructed spaces are more than functional and aesthetic shapes; they are an architecture of encounters. They set up the building within the city as a spatial/social stratum. This book uses a large number of examples to illustrate the distinctive thinking and working processes of Jörg Friedrich and his team. It documents design principles and concept development as seen in sketches, models, working plans, detail drawings and impressive photographs, right up until the completion of the building.
A comprehensive overview of pfp-architekten’s body of work is provided in the book’s appendix.

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