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Architecture In Northern Landscapes

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a cura di J.Bell E.Stathaki

First monograph of the up-and-coming architect Todd Saunders

Todd Saunders (1969) is one of the most important young contemporary Canadian architects working internationally. His architecture, simple yet powerful, incorporates elements of his country’s architectural identity – including the use of wood and carefully picked Modernist influences – bringing it at the same time into the 21st century with excellent execution, carefully chosen materials and a hands-on approach. Saunders (he lives and works in Bergen, Norway) has successfully executed work in both Canada, Norway, and Finland, creating architecture with a strong sense of northern identity, an individual approach that is informed by the strongness of natural landscape. The most important projects: Aurland Lookout, Long Studio, Fogo Island, Tower Studio, Fogo Island, Squish Studio, Fogo Island and Villa G. The first reference monograph on a remarkable young architect working in Scandinavia and Canada. The monograph provides interesting unpublished documents, curated by Jonathan Bell (Architecture Editor, Wallpaper* magazine) and Ellie Stathaki (Deputy Architecture Editor, Wallpaper* magazine) as well as three interviews by Olaf Gipser, Zita Cobb, and Brian MacKay-Lyons. The artwork of the book is by the international renowned graphic designer Henrik Nygren.


* > Authors: Todd Saunders, Jonathan Bell, Ellie Sthathaki

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Anno: 2012
ISBN: 9783034608183