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Restaurant And Bar Design Ii


With the boost of material life, people come to enjoy life better as to enjoy a feast. After working and studying, people experience special delights when the delicate café, restaurant and bar present to them in succession. There are spaces that people enjoy frequently not only for the music, drinks or food, but also because of an architecture which has been meticulously and expressly designed for a given space. These places are like what you’ve seen in your journey if you are willing to be into them. They also bring people with fine life attitude of designers.

The restaurants, bars and café projects which are included in this book, some of them are luxurious, romantic, and some are brief and delicate. All of these designs possess experience force and infectivity. Not only splendid color but also various architectural style could correspond with guests’ the physical and spiritual needs. The joy of life comes from fine emotions and can never be assumed as a pose, or put on from the outside as a mask. What these design reveal us, besides are the
fullness comfortable environments, the visual delights, the recreational functions and their characters. Moreover is this kind attitude of leisurely life and joyful life.

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Anno: 2012
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