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Office Design Ii: Inside/Outside

a cura di Cindy Lee

- Features more than 60 of the latest projects of office design worldwide from around 40 excellent designers and architecture firms

- Not only a visual and spatial guide for enterprise development strategy, but also an inspiring reference for architects, designers, educators and aficionados of architecture and interior design

Globalisation means a higher flow of information, greater opportunities, but also more competition. To attract new clients, and the best talents, brand identity is one important factor, that separates your company, from others. A strong brand generates higher margins and better loyalty from both clients and employees. The brand identity of the office is crucial for creating new corporate values.

We live in a time when technology gets smarter, smaller and more flexible. We can now work almost anywhere and in order to work you don't literally have to go to work. The office is no longer a place to merely store things, preferable to discuss, report, and to socialise. The anatomy of the office is becoming more 'we-orientated' than 'me-orientated'. Therefore it is important that the office enables collaboration and focus on building a strong and clear brand identity.

Designers and Architects featured include: C. F. Møller Architects, modostudio, PS Arkitektur, Ippolito Fleitz Group, Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd, Studio Nicoletti Associati among others.

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