copertina di Architecture in Linz

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Architecture In Linz: 1900 2011

di Aa.Vv.
a cura di A.Bina L.Potocnik

- Handy architecture guide in pocket friendly format

- At the moment the one and only architecture guide for Linz

- Detachable fold out plan for easy to find objects

    Architectural Guide for the City of Linz, including new photographs of all buildings described. Contains also a fold-out city map indicating the projects.


    * > Autors: Bina, A., Hauenfels, T., Krasny, E., Marboe, I., Potocnik, L.

    Veste editoriale: Softcover
    Pagine: 324
    Immagini a colori: 241
    Lingua: GB-D
    Anno: 2012
    ISBN: 9783709108314