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Architectural Photography: Construction And Design Manual

di A.Hausberg A.Simons

This title gives a well-grounded introduction to the necessary skills, techniques, and equipment while at the same time illustrating that the key to premium architectural photography is something far beyond the mere mechanics of focus, exposure, and composition.

After an introduction to the history and the various areas in which architectural photography is used, the authors, them- selves professionals working in the fields of building and docu- mentation, address the technical and design-related aspects. They discuss the best equipment for the job as well as such vital issues as focal length, perspective, white balance, filters, HDR and digital post-processing on the computer. The prac- tical section describes with clarity and precision just how the theory should be applied in practice.

- Introduction to the history of architectural photography
- Overview of the optimum technical equipment with 35-millimetre cameras, view cameras and digital backs
- Digital post-processing for architectural shots including colour management and archiving
- Practical examples of various lighting situations
- Legal cases in architectural photography


    An overview of the history of architectural photography and the fields in which it comes into play is followed by a detailed technical section discussing equipment, focal length, perspective, white balance, filters, HDR, and digital post-processing.

    This hands-on companion provides both practical information and inspiration for anyone interested in photography.


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    Anno: 2012
    ISBN: 9783869221946