copertina di Playground Design

Braun Publishing

Playground Design

di Michelle Galindo

- Play Ship Playground in Herford, Germany (Zimmer.Obst Playground Design)

- Vondelpark Towers in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Carve) - Crater Lake in Kobe, Japan (24° Studio) - Darling Quarter in Sydney, Australia (Aspect Studios) - Safe Zone in Grand-Métis, Canada (Stoss Landscape Urbanism)

Playgrounds offer children the opportunity to slide, seesaw, swing, climb, skate, and do much more. They enhance children’s motor skills along with their social interaction skills. Playgrounds are considered the most important areas for children and youths outside the home and school environment. The key to the success of this demanding design task is the productive cooperation of architects and designers, landscape architects and urban planners, educators, artists and play equipment manufacturers.

This illustrated volume is dedicated to today's 'kidscapes', presenting the most innovative international concepts and current trends. The projects that were carefully selected for this volume all have one thing in common – they offer fantasy worlds and play oases that combine the highest levels of aesthetics and design, play, adventure and safety to provide children with room to unfold their creativity and share it with others. 

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