copertina di Coffee Time

Braun Publishing

Coffee Time: Contemporary Cafés

di Michelle Galindo

- 200 Grad in Salzburg, Austria (Riebenbauer Design) 
- Aroma Espresso Bar in New York, USA (Studio Gaia)
- Arthouse Café in Hangzhou, China (Joey Ho Design)
- Café Coutume in Paris, France (CUT architecture)
- Mocha Mojo in Chennai, India (Mancini Enterprises)

    In our constantly changing world some things never change. This includes especially indulgence in a cup of coffee, a pleasure we have been enjoying for several centuries and that continues to be reflected in today’s multitude of cafés, coffee shops and coffee houses.

    It is no longer only a matter of taste, as to where we enjoy our coffee. A great number of new wonderfully designed and unique coffee places around the globe honor a century-old tradition, thereby setting new design trends. From classic espresso bars via trendy and glitzy coffee shops to minimalist art house cafés, this book presents a wide range of establishments that invite patrons to socialize with each other or to creatively relax. The various concepts lead to a great variety of designs, the transitions to lounges, clubs and restaurants are flowing. Coffee Time presents unique coffee places that show the exciting conceptual and stylistic range of contemporary café design that puts everyone in the mood for the next espresso, cafe latte or cappuccino. 

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    Anno: 2012
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