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House + Origins: Wa Design

di David Stark Wilson

- Showcases the work of an architect with a rare gift for designing structures that converge with their natural surroundings

- Stunning houses within the Californian landscape are illuminated by beautiful photography, detailed plans and descriptive text

This beautifully illustrated monograph takes the reader on a journey through a number of stunning houses in the California landscape, designed and built by Berkeley firm WA Design. Since being established by David Stark Wilson in 1985, the firm has completed a broad range of new residential and commercial projects. This book focuses on WA Design's residential buildings.

The firm's design philosophy emphasises the interrelationship of building and site. Each design begins as a considered response to a set of criteria dictated by the site and client. Although progressive, the firm's designs draw heavily on the local vernacular. Ordering principles borrow from the building's context and often relate metaphorically to the natural landscape, connecting the buildings to their site and surroundings in a meaningful way. Sustainable and solar features are also a crucial component in the firm's design objectives and are seamlessly integrated with the architecture.



* > David Stark Wilson's lifelong interests in nature, mountaineering, mathematics and photography eventually culminated in a pursuit of furniture and building design. Born in Berkeley, California in 1961, his early architectural sensibility was strongly influenced by Bay Area architect Bernard Maybeck but, as his design sense matured, Wilson's direction became progressively more modern. His current interests include using materials, form and colour to elicit the resonant responses we experience in nature, yet which often elude us in the built environment. Wilson is the author of two photography books, Structures of Utility and Above All.

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