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Beta Plus Publishing

Lofts & Apartments

di Wim Pauwels

The enduring success of lofts demonstrates that this particular way of re-evaluating our industrial heritage is more than a passing trend.

Many loft-dwellers, particularly younger people, feel at home in these spaces, which are usually very airy and open, with rooms flowing smoothly into one another.

This sense of transparency has also become an important theme in the design of penthouses, apartments and flats.
Smaller rooms are opened up to create welcoming living spaces, within which cooking, eating, relaxation, watching TV, and other activities can all be accommodated. Bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms too are often designed as one large room nowadays.

This book presents fourteen recently completed lofts and apartments created by renowned interior architects and designers. They provide inspiring examples for anyone intending to create a home or holiday residence in.

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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2008
ISBN: 9789077213865