copertina di Altered Images

Gingko Press

Altered Images: New Visionaries In 21st Century Photography

a cura di Romany Wg

Blurring the boundary of real and surreal, Altered Images features never-before-seen digital photography masterpieces while also giving a voice to the visionaries who created them.


This arresting book hones in on those emerging contemporary artists who are pushing post-production image creativity to its limits. Full page imagery will be accompanied by interviews and commentary, offering a unique insight into the methodologies, perspectives and opinions of the next generation of creative photographers.


Showcasing those at the forefront of both craft and creativity, the book brings portraiture, landscape photography, digital manipulation, social realism, conceptual art, photorealism and digital photo-montage into context. See what happens when imagination is given full reign and virtual reality meets photography.


Altered Images will take you to a place that you've never seen before. RomanyWG is also the author of best-selling photography book Beauty in Decay: The Art of Urban Exploration.

Veste editoriale: Cartonato
Formato: 26,7x26,7
Pagine: 240
Immagini a colori: 200
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2012
ISBN: 9781908211002