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B+U Herwig Baumgartner & Scott Uriu: Design Peak 12

di Stephen Phillips E.A.

Volume 12 in the Design Peak series is a comprehensive monograph on BplusU's oeuvre features a complete overview of the innovative architecture of the design duo Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu over the past 10 years with an introduction by Stephen Phillips. B+U's work ranges from conceptual projects utilizing sound as a generator for geometry and space, urban utopias imagining what our cities will look like in the future, up to build work and projects that are currently in development. Among the designs featured here, are the Firestone Boulevard office building in Downey, California; the Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan; the Tall Emblem Structure for Dubai, UAE; Villas for the Royal family in Al Ain, UAE; the Frank/Kim residence and the Cohen residence in Pasadena, California; City Futura- a utopian urban proposal for the city of Milan, Italy that was featured at the 12th Venice Biennale in 2010; Sound cloud and Sound City- urban intervention projects based on sound study's, Los Angeles, California ; Sunset Junction- a permanent installation, Silver Lake, California; Performing Arts Center Alexanderhoehe, Iserlohn, Germany; NTCArt Museum- museum for contemporary Art, New Taipei City, Taiwan; and the Ott Winery, Feuersbrunn, Austria.

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