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di Red. Martin Keiding

Transformation – a richly illustrated book presenting the finest renovation projects in Danish architecture in recent years.


Over the coming years, the revitalisation, renovation, conversion or, in a word, transformation of buildings, complexes, neighbourhoods, squares and landscapes will constitute an expanding field of activity for clients, engineers and architects.


After the building boom, the focus is now going to be on existing buildings, where the demand for maximum energy efficiency will lead to changes in existing architecture.


In recent years, Denmark has been enriched with many highly interesting and successful examples worthy of imitation and analysis and a rich source of inspiration: from the comprehensive restoration of Frederik VIII’s Palace in the Amalienborg complex at one end of the scale to the renovation of the park Gyldenrisparken on the island of Amager by Copenhagen at the other end.


Today’s building professionals in Denmark are operating on a world-class level, and there is therefore no doubt that the upcoming publication will also appeal to readers outside Denmark.


Greater insight gives professionals and laypeople alike a better basis for acting now as well as for making long-term decisions, and this book is intended for laypeople who are actively involved in and/or take an interest in Denmark’s cultural heritage.


The publication features new photographs, original drawings and in-depth analyses and comments from some of the leading experts in the field.



Amalienborg, Frederik VIII’s Palace - Arkitema and Erik Einar Holm

Restoration of the Royal Stables at Christiansborg Palace - Holsøe Arkitekter A/S

Lungholm Ferie- og Hestecenter - Merete Lind Mikkelsen

Søgård Hovedgård Exner

Thisted Town Hall - Realea

Tuborg’s administration building. Anton Rosen - Bertelsen/Scheving

Grøndalskirke - Erik Brandt Dam

Sjakket - BIG

Hørning Hallen - BBP arkitekter

Conversion of sports facility on the Danish island of Als Chris Thurlbourne

Kedelsmedjen, Holmen - Christian Rønnow


Munkegaardsskolen - Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

A-huset - Carsten Holdgaard

Gyldenrisparken - Vandkunsten, Witraz

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Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9788774074090