copertina di Dreamworldrealworld

Svendborg Architects


di Red. Johnny Svendborg

This book is published by Svendborg Architects, an emerging Danish architects firm founded in 2007 by Johnny Svendborg.

It illustrates how an attitude and approach to architecture can lead to concrete realisation. The book also discusses the relationship between means and end, between illustration and building, between the dream ofthe building and the dream in the building.

The 11 architectural projects in DreamworldRealworld, which range from large- to small-scale and from Denmark to abroad, are thus the manifestation of a quest for and realisation of lyrical and consistent architecture; architecture that can contain, in the simplest of ways, the subtle and delicate and bring out the dream element; architecture that revolves around light and the dream of the changeable.

Apart from illustrations, the book contain 12 essays by leading architects and researchers with specialist knowledge about architecture, and light and drawing among whom are Johnny Svendborg,  founder and owner of Svendborg Architects, Thomas Ryborg Jørgensen, architect and university lecturer, Martin Brygmann, actor, and Ellie Stathaki, editor of Wallpaper Magazine.

In general terms, one could say that the Dreamworld/Realworld projects express a desire to maintain, and even expand, the sensory, dreaming and open wisdom of the built work in such a way that the realisation of the dream becomes bigger than the dream itself.

The book is intended for all who are interested in modern architecture, light and cultural development.

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