copertina di Post-Ductility

Princeton Architectural Press

Post Ductility: Metals In Architecture And Engineering

di M.Bell C.Buckley

Metals, as surface or structure, play a role in nearly every strain of modern architecture. Non-architectural metals in the form of automobiles and hard goods are the engines of our sprawling cities. Known for superior strength, metals allow us to build higher and span greater distances. However, they can also be soft, forgiving, and ethereal. In Post-Ductility, an interdisciplinary group of architects, historians, theorists, and engineers collectively explores the past, present, and future possibilities of this essential building material. The first book to look comprehensively at innovations and advancements in metal engineering and architecture,Post-Ductility includes works and essays by contemporary architects, engineers, and educators such as Mark Wigley, Sylvia Lavin, José Rafael Moneo, Steven Holl, Rory McGowan, and Paola Antonelli.

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Anno: 2012
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