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The Bible Of Classic Furniture

a cura di Daniela Santos Quartino

A fully illustrated introductory guide to classic furniture characteristics organized according to style, era and country of origin.

Furniture design has always reflected the style of the period, but these days, eclecticism is one of the characteristics of interior design that creates varied and original rooms. Currently, eclecticism is one of the most important characteristics of design. Today, an intelligent combination of pieces, different in style, put together with good taste, creates original rooms that are utterly charming.

The greater the contrast, the more impressive the result. Classic furniture is the protagonist of this new trend combining shapes, textures and colors from different eras.

Today you can find furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries in vintage or antique stores, or new items from contemporary manufacturers. Whether original or replica, the options are immense and can be found in this book offered as a source of inspiration to achieve customized, original and surprising interiors.

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Formato: 18x24,5
Pagine: 420
Lingua: GB-E
Anno: 2012
ISBN: 9788499367217