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Building On A Budget: 50 Rustic Chic Houses With An Assessed Value Between 150,000 And 350,000 Euros. Information, Plans, Budget, Renovations, New Constructions


'50 low-budget single-volume homes. 
This book is an indispensable work of reference for all those people who want to build or refurbish a single family home on a budget. 
The examples have been selected to provide the reader with all the information needed for inspiration but also to draw up a realistic budget that covers all the aspects of a home. 
For this purpose, each project explains the concept of the architect, the type of materials, pros and cons of each idea, and the plans and specific technical solutions are provided according the the special features of each family. 
This, together with information, serves for each reader to adapt the ideas to their needs. 
The result is a compendium of affordable proposals and solutions for the construction of low cost housing.'

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Formato: 30x30
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Lingua: GB-E
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9788499368849