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Passivhaus Bauteilkatalog Details For Passive Houses: Ökologisch Bewertete Konstruktionen | A Catalogue Of Ecologically Rated Constructions

a cura di Ibo Österreichisches Institut Für Bauen Und Ökologie

- 100 Regelquerschnitte und 75 Anschlussdetails mit vierfarbigen maßstäblichen Zeichnungen

- 100 Baustoffe mit technischen Eigenschaften, ökologischem Lebenslauf und Kennwerten

- Umfassende baupysikalische Beschreibung inkl. Hinweise zur Ausführung wärmebrückenfreier und luftdichter Details


    The first edition of the catalogue of ecological building elements appeared in German in 1999, and soon became an unrivalled classic in its field due to the obvious need for a collection of ecological evaluations, practiced constructional guidance and indicators with regard to the physics involved. For the second edition, the standard cross-sections now conform to passive house standards and the ecological evaluation brought up-to-date and presented more clearly.

    Planners, architects and commissioners are thus given reliable construction details for the passive house standard, criteria for the proof of ecologically optimized planning, information on building materials, tender criteria and, of course, a competent work of reference.

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