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Wonderland Manual For Emerging Architects

a cura di Wonderland S.Forlati A.Isopp

- A step by step guide for managing young practices

- Indispensable for beginners and all who want learn about their chances and options

- Based on experiences of young offices throughout Europe

Wonderland manual is a cultural version of the NATO Cold War strategy of ‘flexible response’. Pursuing the military analogy, the manual is a continuation by other means of what Wonderland has been doing for the past years: accelerating the exchange of information among young architects in Europe.

The Wonderland manual differs from other architecture books in that it is not about architecture but about architects, not about the work that architects produce but about how they produce it. It is first and foremost a guide containing facts and figures, tips and experiences and as such can be seen as a handbook for European architects at the start of their careers.

Wonderland manual reveals a remarkable commitment to sharing knowledge and experience without any self-interest. While such altruism may not be typical of the entire generation of young architects, it does characterize a considerable portion of it, and most certainly those who have worked in front of and behind the scenes on this book. This young generation is the first to reach adulthood in a Europe without the Iron Curtain. It is also the generation which, despite all the political, economic and cultural complexities of this new Europe, was the first to develop a European mind-set and, in many cases, to lead a border-hopping European lifestyle. It is also the first generation for whom Europe is not an abstraction, not merely a symbol of regulations and bureaucracy, but a self-evident fact, and an equally self-evident field of activity.



* > Wonderland - plattform for european architecture is a network for young European architectural offices, which was founded in 2002 in Austria. It is an architectural think-tank that explores the professional, economic, and social aspects of being an architect, which are discussed in the wonderland magazine, at wonderland symposiums and in wonderland exhibitions. The network’s aim is to foster the exchange of information on typical architectural work processes and daily professional practice across national borders. Since its foundation wonderland has been continuously extended its network with a widespread program of activities all over Europe. Today, wonderland includes over 50 member teams from 11 European countries.

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