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The third volume of this series arrives with 264 pages full of the best packaging design from 36 countries, all of it designed within the last two years.
Bruce Duckworth, co-founder and -leader of the internationally acclaimed brand design agency Turner Duckworth, states in his introductory interview that „Over the last ten years, clients have put packaging design at the center of their visual identity.“

200 Best Packaging Design worldwide […] ‘started this series back in 2000, then simply called Packaging Design, followed it up a couple of years later with a second volume, then discontinued the series until 2009 and the latest issue came out in 2015. […] Since our publications are targeted at creatives at ad agencies as well as freelancers, so are our special issues, whether they deal with photography, illustration or digital imaging. In other words, our aim is to provide ad creatives with the knowledge of the best talent in the various areas we devote our 200 Best books to. In the case of packaging design, the point is to inform ad creatives (art directors, creative directors, etc.) about the best work that has been done in this area in the past couple of years.

There are, of course, advertising agencies that handle the packaging design part for their clients themselves but more frequently this task goes to design agencies that specialize in producing more or less appealing packaging for their clients’ products. And ad agencies sometimes only play an intermediary role in this process. But be that as it may, it’s important that the agency creatives are in the know about the state of packaging design and can distinguish between run-of-the-mill work and packaging design excellence. Which is exactly why we’re continuing the series with 200 Best Packaging Design worldwide 2017/2018.

As usual with the 200 Best series, we enlisted the help of some experts in the field, among them Bruce Duckworth of well-known CI company Turner Duckworth, who design iconic visual identities and packaging for consumer brands and have studios in San Francisco and London. Another one who cooperated is Christoph Häberle, Professor at the Hochschule der Medien (Media Academy) in Stuttgart, who teaches design and communication with a special focus on packaging design and marketing. He was also in the jury of our previous 200 Best Packaging Design back in 2010 and 2015/16.’

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Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9783902393593