copertina di Pharmacies

Braun Publishing


di Chris Van Uffelen

• Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy in Belgrade, Serbia (Karim Rashid)
• Pharmacy Teles in Lourosa, Portugal (Plaren)
• DocMorris Apotheke in Limburg, Deutschland (Klaus Bürger Architektur)
• ATC Pharmacy in Kuwait City (Sartoretto Verna)
• Plantation Pharmacy in Charleston, USA (Christoph Rose Architects)

Pharmacies are a special kind of store, because nothing is as important as health. The tightly regulated medicine market is changing, and pharmacists face more and more competition from other healthcare providers as well as within their own profession. As products and priced are generally standardized, pharmacists must win customer loyalty in other ways. In addition to professional competence, friendliness, and an extended range of products and services, the atmosphere of the pharmacy itself takes on a crucial role.

This places particular importance on the interior design, since that is what sets the tone of the consumer experience. This volume presents 75 projects which demonstrate the creative finesse of the pharmacists, architects and designers who face these challenges. The selection includes projects by renowned specialists as well as top designers, who each approach this special design task from different perspectives.

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Anno: 2011
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