copertina di New European Architecture 07/08

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New European Architecture 07/08

a cura di H.Ibelings K.Hannema

The expansion of the EU, is slowly leading to a new pan-European orientation in architecture, that is reflected in the 25 projects collected in this edition. For editors Hans Ibelings and Kirsten Hannema, ‘good architecture’ is not always synonymous with famous architects and prestige projects, but rather how nuanced architecture acquires significance in the public and collective domain. Covering another side of architectural Europe from Tallinn to the Azores, and in a variety of project types in urban, village and rural settings, this refreshing survey is accompanied by photographs, plans and several essays on the current state of architecture in Europe.

Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 23x29
Pagine: 160
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2007
ISBN: 9789079222025