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Braun Publishing

Signage Design: Architecture In Focus

di Michelle Galindo

- Shanghai World Expo 2010, China (TROIKA)
- New York Jets Training Center, USA (Pentagram)
- Design Museum Holon, Israel (Adi Stern Design)
- NATO Summit in Lisbon 2010, Portugal (P-06 Atelier)
- Offenbach Hospital, Germany (Büro Uebele Visuelle Kommuniation)

     Above all, signage systems must be user-friendly. Since they display and communicate information for wayfinding and orientation, signage concepts must be universally legible and understood by people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. By becoming part of the built environment through the effective use of typography, pictograms, colors and shapes, signage systems also shape the identity of architecture and infrastructure. 

    This volume showcases 111 current examples of signage design from across the world, indoors and outdoors. These cover a wide range of typologies, from individual buildings like museums, schools and airports to larger contexts such as traffic navigation systems. Signage Design features the many facets of this rapidly evolving discipline. It is an essential reference for anyone invloved in communications, architects, interior designers and indeed creatives in all sectors.

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    Anno: 2011
    ISBN: 9783037680919