copertina di Alison and Peter Smithson

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Alison And Peter Smithson: From The House Of The Future To A House Of Today

di D.Van Der Heuvel M.Risselada

Alison and Peter Smithson are among the most influential and controversial architects of the last 50 years. But it has been controversy that has tended to overshadow their reputation – and the core of their architectural practise, house designs. The Smithsons believed a house was a particular place, which should be suited to its location, able to meet everyday requirements and accommodate its inhabitants individual patterns of use. This monograph examines the evolution of their approach, by documenting their housing designs. Includes essays by Beatriz Colomina, Dirk van den Heuvel, Max Risselada and a selection of texts by the Smithsons themselves.

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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2004
ISBN: 9789064505287