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The best of new shopping mall architecture from around the world

    'The commission of a shopping centre is, for the architect, always a challenge. How to get to the essence of a commercial vocabulary, how to recreate perspectives, how to simplify the circulation possibilities of the visitor, how to generate a new environment that is in sync with the retailers. All these questions definitively represent a delicate exercise of equilibrium, which requires the generation of a global project developed not only architectural details but with a playful study of volumes and light. The challenge is to transform the centre into a single store with its own ergonomic, its own aesthetic, its own particular, interactive and dynamic manner of marking the flows and connections in the centre itself.' (Jerome Michelangeli, Principal Design Partner, IAD)

    This survey features 61 architecturally stunning shopping malls from around the world, including The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai; Bluewater, Kent; Liverpool One; ION Orchard, Singapore; Crystals, Las Vegas; i-Square, Hong Kong; K:fem, Stockholm; Bruun's Gallery, Denmark; Hamburger Meile and The Mall of Kuwait.

    If you are an architect, this book is a useful reference for commercial design work; if you are a voracious educator or a student involved with architecture, this is a great sourcebook; if you are an insightful businessman, you may hope to know what elements in a shopping mall environment may promote more benefit; and if you are a cultured person, you are likely to wonder, after going through a history of almost fifteen centuries, since the first mall, Souq Al Hamdia, was built in Old Damascus, what are modern shopping malls like?

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