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Footbridges: Construction, Design, History

di U.Baus M.Schlaich

The influence on the interplay of technical progress, imagination and functional variety in footbridges are different from those affecting large-scale bridges. This fact has resulted in an exhaustible variety of distinctive design, as is beautifully illustrated by the selection of footbridges shown in this book. Essays clearly explain the technical aspects and the aesthetic potential of different structure designs. Footbridges contains detailed presentations of 90 european bridges, with text, comprehensive and detail plans, and photographs taken especially for the volume. With projects by Arup, Jurg Conzett, Foster and Partners, Happold, Schlaich Bergermann and Partners, Wilkinson Eyre, Jiri Strasky and others. The examples are organized chronologically in thematically focused chapters: lightweight bridges, moving bridges, covered bridges, taut-ribbon suspension bridges, arch bridges, etc. For those whose curiosity is aroused by the insight given into this type of bridge building, a compilation of 120 more footbridges, listed by location, provide a starting point for further investigation.


* > Ursula Baus is an independent architecture critic and the author of numerous books and technical articles. She teaches at Stuttgart University.
Mike Schlaich is a professor of massive construction at the Technische Universität (Technical University) in Berlin and a partner of the firm Schlaich Bergermann and Partners.
Wilfried Dechau is a photographer he lives and works in Stuttgart and specializes in architecture, bridges, and portraits.

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