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Space, Twisted With Time: Architecture Yearbook Graz Styria 2010

di Adam Hubertus

This book is a documentation of the widely well-known biannual awarded price in architecture of the federal Austrian state of Styria (Steiermark). The publication - an example for excellent craftsmanship - consists of two hardback volumes that can be read side by side. The text-volume is kind of a travelogue that integrates the ten project descriptions of the nominated projects and those of the winners. The styrian architectural scene and superordinal topics of architecture are discussed nationally and internationally. This texts concern the 'Grazer Schule', connections between Graz and Switzerland and problems of conceptual design. In this way, a pure documentation is exceeded and with an outer view a content with superior validity is transported. Therefore there are in several ways connections to 'Dialogues in Time - New Graz Architecture' by Peter Blundell Jones. The second volume contains a photo-gallery of black and white pictures by Hertha Hurnaus, who has taken photographs of all the nominated projects.


* > Hubertus Adam, Eva Guttmann, Haus der Architektur (Hrsg.)

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