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Figure Of Motion

a cura di Annett Zinsmeister

Movement is both elementary and fleeting; it is a basic precondition to survival and our culture. Movement provides a functional basis to the discovery, verification and utilisation of the world we live in. The explanation and calculation of movement are central issues for us; our culture is built on movement and its design, founded on a history of dynamics and acceleration.
In this volume, representatives of various disciplines—from architecture to automobile design—shed light on the representation of movement in art, architecture, design, everyday life, dance and technology. This is more than an outlining of historical developments, as surprising boundary-crossing contexts emerge and current trends are discussed. The publication includes essay contributions by Inge Baxmann, Margitta Buchert, Söke Dinkla, Christophe Girot, Scott de Lahunta, Claus Pias, Stephan Rammler and Annett Zinsmeister, and interviews with Michael Schumacher and Chris Bangle.

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Anno: 2011
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