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Ja 81: Hiroshi Sambuichi


First publication to cover nearly all of the works of Hiroshi Sambuichi (b.1968). After studying for four years at Tokyo University of Science, Sambuichi established his own office in Hiroshima. The majority of his work has been concentrated around the prefectures of Hiroshima and Yamaguchi. Sambuichi has remarked that to think about architecture is to “consider the details of the earth”. With four distinctive seasons, mountainous terrain, and a narrow geography extending in the north-south direction, Japan is an aggregation of extremely diverse microtopographies and microclimates. His design process involves a detailed year-long survey of the topography and climate of each of his building sites. Projects include his renowned Base Valley, the Running Green Project, the Air House, the Kakuda Dental Clinic, the Sloping North House, the Rokko Shidare Observatory, the Nonoyama Orthodontic Clinic, the Inujima Art project and more.

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