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Max Gordon: Architect For Art

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Whether creating enormous exhibition spaces or designing living quarters for collectors and homes and studio facilities for artists, the acclaimed architect Max Gordon (1931-1990) shaped the physical settings of art in the world's major metropolises during his influential career. Following several decades of work with leading architectural firms in New York and London (during which he designed the headquarters of New Scotland Yard), in the early 1980s Gordon designed the first Saatchi Gallery in London, and went on to become celebrated and sought after as the art world's architect of choice, designing spaces for artists Elizabeth Murray, Jennifer Bartlett, Richard Serra and Joel Shapiro, and gallerists Paula Cooper, Brooke Alexander, Maeght-Lelong and Lorence-Monk in New York and Anthony d'Offay and Annely Juda in London. This first monograph offers a detailed overview of Gordon's projects for the art world, from the 100,000-square-foot exhibition space he designed for the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid to the SoHo home he remodeled for Richard Serra, demonstrating throughout his elegant use of light, space and minimal decoration, and displaying his gift for always highlighting the art.
Featured image, the interior of Bryan and Lucy Ferry's New York City apartment, is reproduced from the architectural monongraph, Max Gordon: Architect for Art. In his catalog essay on the late, great architect of spaces for artists and art, curator and Tate director Nicholas Serota writes, 'Gordon was something of a rarity, an architect with a passion for art who was in turn loved and admired by artists. Many architects associate with artists, and some succeed in designing spaces in which the art rather than the architecture is paramount. However, very few architects are regarded as friends and equals by artists, let alone accomplish this feat on both sides of the Atlantic. Garrulous but shy, given to one-liners but never glib, Max Gordon was a central figure in the London and New York art worlds for more than twenty years, from the late sixties until his early death at the age of fifty-nine in 1990.'


* > Text by Nicholas Serota, David Gordon, Jonathan Marvel, Kenneth Frampton.

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