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When we talk about Ljubljana, we are talking about the largest city of Slovenia, with a strategic position in between the Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures. The city itself is really young, if we talk in geopolitical terms, as it is independent only since 1991. At this moment Ljubljana grows as an emerging city and local and young architecture firms become part of the new cultural scene. We can talk about the turning point in Slovenian architectural movements and it is in this context that we find OFIS Arhitekti, a firm formed by Rok Oman and Špela Vide?nik in 1998. Projects include the Garden City Cubes in Ljubljana, a Football Stadium FC Bate in Borisov (Belarus), the Skylight Rooftop Museum in Maribor (Slovenia), the Résidence Jules Mousseron in Noyelles Godault (France), the Backbone Village Houses in Podpec (Slovenia), and the Farewell Chapel in Krasnja (Slovenia).

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