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The Mobile Case Study Book

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Find out how to make the most of it

This guide focuses on what is a must for all brands if they are to be leaders in the future: being mobile. From applications for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, to mobile websites, the book includes over 80 stories of how each has cracked into the newest market on the internet, where users are connected 24/7. The five chapters —Games, m-commerce, Promotional, Social, and Utilities— include the likes of Angry Birds, Jamie's 20 Minute Meals, Stephen Fry's myFry app, Flipboard, TweetDeck, Instagram, Adobe Ideas, BBC News, and SAS Survival Guide. This book is a must for anyone willing to understand the world of mobile and connectivity: the two ingredients at the very core of communication these days. Jumping on the mobile bandwagon has enabled numerous companies to prosper and discover new markets. Introduced by Ralph Simon ('the Father of the Ring Tone'), this book is particularly aimed at designers, advertising and communication professionals, product managers, and interactive agencies, but will also be of interest to anyone curious about exploiting the mobile experience.

• Over 80 in-depth case studies of best-selling and award-winning apps and mobile sites
• Apps and mobile sites for all platforms, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile
• Key numbers and statistics never seen before about the success of the apps
• In-depth introductions to each field covered: games, commerce, promotional, social networking, and utilities


* > Rob Ford founded Favourite Website Awards (FWA) in 2000, a recognition program for cutting-edge web design. His work has featured in the Chicago Tribune, Guardian and various web related magazines. He has judged many industry award shows, contributes regularly to web design sites and magazines, and writes a regular column in Adobe's Edge Newsletter.

Julius Wiedemann was born in Brazil, studied graphic design and marketing, and was an art editor for digital and design magazines in Tokyo. His many TASCHEN digital and media titles include Illustration Now!, Advertising Now, Logo Design, and Brand Identity Now!

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